App Development Vancouver

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App Development Vancouver

With over 15 years of experience, we can guarantee that every app development project has been delivered with excellent results. At CodeTactic, the team of experts go through different steps that are meant to make the process easier and faster for every customer. App development Vancouver team is ready to locally work on your project allows our team to provide the best results in a timely matter. .

What are the steps we take for our app development process?

Planning your App Development project

Building a solid work and project plan

When starting a new app development project, communication with the client to be clear about the goals and objectives of the project is key. Whether it is a mobile app for Android, iOS, an enterprise app, or any type of app development project you are looking to start for your business, the goals must always be clear from the very first step. Having a clear scope of work and what exactly we will be doing for their app development project with clear timelines.


Structure and placements

When you have finalized the scope of work with the client and the goals for the app development Vancouver project are completely clear, the team takes the lead to work on wireframing. Creating the structure of the app and locating every object within, finding its best place through the platform. Each section has to be considered during this process. The client will be able to "preview" the structure of their app and provide feedback before moving forward.

Design your App

Working on the presence of your application, the user experience and interface.

When the wireframing process is done, feedback has been provided and changes were made; it is time for our designers to start working on how your application is going to look. From the color palette to defining the concept. At this stage, the team implements the design based on references from the client as well as comments and ideas provided in addition to their skills. A live prototype will be presented to the client with clickable functionalities to experience every feature and detail of the application prior to starting working with the code.

Application development

Bringing your App to life

Once all the previews steps are done, previewed and also approved by the client is time to move forward with coding. It is time for our team of professional developers to construct your application. Every step forward is notified by the team and shared with the client. Communication with our customers is always key.

Testing & Perfomance

It is time to put your app to the test

This step goes almost simultaneaosly with the development process. As the developers move forward with the coding and providing functionalities to the application, testing needs to be done. We recommend the testing process to be done by a non-developer on the project as well as the client's team, this helps get clear insights . There are several aspects to keep in consideration while testing an app like functionality, usability, perfomance, looks, devices (work with different devices), and more.


Let's make it live

There are different ways to deploy your application to the world. You could use a client-owned server, a basic web host or a cloud hosting provider. Depending on your app development project we guide our clients on their options and manage the final steps.

App Development Vancouver

CodeTactic Media is based in North America and does not outsource clients' work to any third parties. All customization and development are done by CodeTactic in-house.

Give our Vancouver based team a call at (604) 620-0046 or email us and receive a FREE CONSULTATION from one of our developer experts.

CodeTactic Media Inc.

We at CodeTactic, develop, maintain and support custom designed and developed aplications as well as creating new applications for your business. We have been working on app development Vancouver projects for over 15 years. There are many topics to consider during your app development process. We make it a priority to listen to our client's goals and needs for their platform. If you are considering starting an app development project for your business, we at CodeTactic can help you along the decision process as to what would be best to reach your business's goals
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